Black & White 359


I took these two photos on January 11th while shopping early:


This is „Smillie“ now she has moved in with us.

She has always come to our house for a long time, but never dared to enter.

Now she lives with us in the kitchen, because unfortunately she doesn’t get along with my other cats – but she likes our dogs very much.


Thank you for visiting!! 💖Petra


Black & White 335


Oh.. that was a long time !!!

I could not see well for many months. In May and June, my eyes were operated (I had the cataract)
Unfortunately I had to fight with pain and bad vision for almost 8 weeks.
The worst was light for me, could only live in the dark.

Now I would like to join again, I was so missing!



Greetings from Germany!!! 💖 Petra