Tuesday Photo Challenge – Scene


“ Crushed hopes…“


Very early in the morning, long before the stores open- I’m out in the small towns and villages along loving most.
Everything is peaceful and quiet!

The early sunlight between the houses – only now and then a cyclist or a car, otherwise I’m alone.


Thank you for visiting!!! ♥ Petra


I still have a photo:

These are my favorite scenes… be on the road at night with the best of husbands and our dogs.



4 Kommentare zu „Tuesday Photo Challenge – Scene

  1. I like both your captures very much!
    The first is such a peaceful waking up scene, before the crowds swarm on the pavements and roads! I can feel the stillness of the morning!

    The second has such interesting play on light & colour. The tunnel moving through light into the darkness. Very ominous!

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